Become Relentless Stronger!

The High Altitude Fitness Mask 2.0 is an innovative performance breathing device that strengthens the respiratory muscles and improves breathing mechanics via the air flow system. 

The newest air flow system allows you to customize your workout by giving you access to six performance breathing intensities at the turn of a dial. No valve or cap changes required. Just click, breathe and train.

Built with over mold technology for strength and durability. This mask is unrivaled in its ability to contour to your face and provide maximum comfort during workout.

Use this mask as a key part of your conditioning program to achieve unparalleled stamina boost endurance and maximize recovery to take your fitness journey to a whole new level. 

Lose weight faster.

If you are looking to lose weight, as some study may suggest, low oxygen training a few times a week during a cardio workout can help accelerate weight loss. 

For years, researchers have been studying the effects of low oxygen training forms better known as hypoxic training. The reason being, endurance athletes such as Kenyan marathon runners who trained and lived in high altitude environments had a propensity for better endurance performance versus their competition from lower altitudes with higher oxygen. This observation has spurred much of the research today including entire research centers begging and still being building many studies on the effect of hypoxic training all over the world. Under the guidance of professional experts, researchers wanted to gain a better understanding of how this type of training can improve benefits weight loss effect. Outside of performance benefits, training form and exercise has shown effects on lipid and glucose metabolism as well as craving and appetite loss. It seemed reasonable some of these effects could have a positive impact on weight-loss fast efforts in some obese people.

In a research study training for 3 days a week for 90 minutes in either a hypoxic or non-hypoxic environment for 8 weeks to exercise on everyday cardio equipment stepper, treadmill, and bicycle. After the 8 weeks, the group who had been training in hypoxic conditions lost more weight than the group in the normal oxygen environment. Even more interesting about the study is neither group was following any type of diet. just following the training regimen program prescribed.


Please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise or exercise program.

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